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The Lift the Lid Walk event is a national initiative used to raise awareness on mental illness across Australia. It gives communities an opportunity to come together and Lift the Lid on Mental Illness.


Hosted by the Rotary Clubs of Australia, funds raised from the walks go into mental health research through Australian Rotary Health.

Use the hashtag #LiftTheLidWalk on social media!

We have raised over $250,000 for mental health research!

About the Walk


The very first walk event that inspired the Lift the Lid Walks was hosted by Vicki Stewart at the Rotary Club of Mooloolaba in 2017. Ever since then, Vicki’s idea has expanded to more Rotary Clubs across Australia.


The walk and talk format is deliberately not a race, to give an opportunity for locals to get together and raise awareness of the serious mental health issues we all face. With 1 in 5 Australians suffering a mental health disorder, we use these walk events to break down the stigma and make it easier to seek support for mental health concerns. 


As the sole beneficiary, 100% of funds raised from the Lift the Lid Walks go into supporting vital mental health research through Australian Rotary Health.

For more information on Australian Rotary Health visit their website.

Together we can Lift the Lid on Mental Illness!

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